Cafe sol naciente

Café Sol Naciente

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Farm Info

NameCafé Sol Naciente
Altitude1750 metres
QualitySpecialty coffee
CountryCosta Rica
RegionSanta Maria de Dota
Coffee cup87+
ProcessHoney process
ProductionAgro forestry

The history of Sol Naciente

The farm where Café Sol Naciente started, is located in the Costa Rican coffee region Tarrazú, in the Santa María de Dota micro region. It has 6 different productive lots and ½ hectare of mountain conservation where the Los Santos biological corridor begins.

For more than 28 years, Arturo and Xinia have been working on the farm in a sustainable way, which they have seen growing, as well as the imposing Eucalyptus trees that guards the crops.

In 2015 the Bonilla Martínez Family decided to step a foot into the world of specialty coffee, with great experience in the production of coffee and knowledge about its processing.

With the passage of time, the desire to improve became more and more exciting; in 2017 the roasting of coffee would complement the experience, a process of high importance to truly fulfill what a specialty coffee deserves. A process that would become key to achieving the linkages that they have.

Three years after their start the results really showed that all the hard work and effort began to bear fruits, they are doing it right!

Their coffee was one of the best coffees in Costa Rica in the Cup contest of Excellence (COE) of the year 2018.

The coffee has travelled many places in the world, which is a source of great pride, it has been a path of much learning, sharing, acquiring, putting knowledge into practice and constantly improving.

The objective of offering a coffee with great attributes produced and processed in an “eco-sustainable” way, it has been essential in their brand: “Café Sol Naciente”, a coffee full of life and love.

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Café Sol Naciente

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